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  “Updates, free updates for everyone!” She exclaimed loudly, realizing as she typed that blogs don’t have to be formated the same as a book, but fortune’s wheel was turning now and she was caught up in the river of progress; tossed on its winds like a helpless cliche to tired and worn to stop in its tracks now.
  “Don’t forget about the mustaches,” pipped the voice in her head.
  She did not like the voice, through no fault of its own. She simply had trouble not shooting the messanger and when the message was of moostaches redneck and prickly she wanted to kill it with fire. On any other day perhaps the reminder of moostache would have been received more kindly, but it was Saturday, so moostashe was not at work and thus out of sight. It was home and there where ever she looked. It interupted converstations and kisses and even goodnight kisses in the dark, for at night it held toothpaste water that the towel could not seem to reach.
  “Less than 25,000 words to go,” she whispered as she refocused her thoughts to her task once again.
Sore fingers flew madly over the black plastic buttons and interupted their muted sheen under the mood lighting of the coffee house where she slaved at her task at a little table in the corner.

AH! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE….oh, nevermind, it’s just my husband.
At two weeks in I’m not much a fan of the moostache. My hubz is actually usually a beard guy, which I know most of you think should be worse, but a he keeps his nice and trimmed so while It’s still not my favorite, it’s soft. The new and still growing moostache is like an evil, unwanted exfoliate that I can’t avoid if I want to kiss him, which I generally do. I have a feeling that urge will slowly fade over the next few weeks and surge forth with a vengeance when he shaves the evil moostache off again.
Also, despite my introductions suggestion to the otherwise, I haven’t written one single nano word today yet. I do plan on it, it’s just that I’ve been dieing to re-read Sabriel, so I’m doing that instead. I’m at 27300 plus words now and planning on being a bit past 30,000 by tomorrow night. That will have me a little over 4 days ahead of schedule so I figure I afford the time off.
Remember, if you want a good cause to donate to you can help make my husbands moostache not in vain by donating here to raise money for men’s health research and awareness.



  1. I am still liking mine. I took yesterday off do just read one of my old favorites (Sabriel, by Garth Nix.) It's helped get me back in the mood again. =)

  2. My crazy weekend made for ZERO words on my novel 😦 And my week coming up is pretty swamped… and the one after that… but lucky for me I still ADORE my novel, so hopefully that will get me through all of this. Are you still liking your novel?

  3. aaah where did my bro in law go?? Who is this man?? I'm not even kidding…I didn't recognize him at first!! LOLShelly 🙂

  4. I am really not wanting to write anything. Ever again at this point. Blah. And I hate mustaches.

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