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It cyber Monday, which I am celebrating by not buying a darn thing and cleaning up the tornado effect my niece and son made of my house over the weekend. I don’t mind the last part, I love my neice, the first part is maybe making my “buy it” clicker finger a little itchy, but I’ll live I’m sure.
I didn’t nanowrimo a darn word while my family was in town, but I expect to finish by tomorrow night. I also haven’t taken a picture of the hubz moostache but that’s not so much laziness or lack of drive as it I just don’t want any more digital record of it in my life. With four more days until he shaves it off I figure I’ll let its memory die out first so its passing can be shoved under a rug while I enjoy the return of my hubz normal face. *happy dance*

My house is half way to normal now, give or take the new cat (long story) and I’m going to do my best today to just enjoy finishing my book, drinking some coffee and not thinking about how we leave in two and half weeks for our three week christmas tour of family and friends.

What are your plans for Christmas?


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  1. Yay! Only two and a half weeks!! :)Shell Bell

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