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Here is fair warning that today’s post will not be my usual ravings. On occasion I post things that pertain to my faith (Bible thump-er, minus the thumping) and today will be one of those days. Let me start with a statement of fact; If you are reading this post the odds are fantastic that you live in a country of religious freedoms. You can chose how and what you believe or what and how you don’t believe.

This is not so of all countries in what Christendom calls the 10/40 Window, an area located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator that holds roughly 2/3rds of the worlds population and is home to many governments that formally or informally oppose Christianity.

Let me make very clear that ‘oppose’ means that Christians in the best of circumstances work the lowest of low jobs, if they are hireable at all and poverty and social outcasting are they only life they will know. In the worst, and frequent, of circumstances it means jail and execution.
Now that the ground work is laid, I’ll get to the point, but please bear with my vague description of the following events, details are being withheld to protect the lives at stake. 
My family (parents, siblings, in-law and myself) are part of a non-profit christian ministry, LifeLight Inc. About two years ago my father and sister, and a small group of other Christians, traveled over seas to work with one of the christian communities in the Middle Eastern portion of the 10/40 window. Our contact there,  Pastor “R” and his brother and his brother’s sons work hard for the church and Pastor R frequently travels to the U.S.A to preach and speak at our ministries music festivals on behalf of the persecuted church. This is a man who’s hand I have shaken, who’s face I know, whom I have sat at a table and broken bread with.
Pastor R’s nephews have within the last few weeks been beaten for their refusal to renounce their faith and are currently being hunted by their country’s police. If they are caught they will be imprisoned and very likely executed. My family and others are working and praying hard to get these young men, who the western world would consider young enough to be children, out of the country to safety.
Now, you, the reader, your faith is your business. I get thousands of hits every month from all over the globe on this little, stay at home mom blog – for what reason I have yet to discover, but let me make this clear; if you are reading this you are blessed. Odds are you don’t live in a country that dictates what you can and cannot believe. You don’t live in a country that will tell the world they don’t care what religion its people chose, but persecute you off the books. You live in a country that lets you take what you believe for granted.
Here’s the long and the short of it, those of you who chose not to believe in God, find someone to thank for that right.
Those of you who do, pray for these young men being hunted like criminals for not blessing the name of Allah. Pray for their families, even if (and I pray fervently ‘when’) these young men get to safety they leave family behind they will never see again and who remain in danger.

Psalm 57:3
He sends from heaven and saves me, rebuking those who hotly pursue me— God sends forth his love and his faithfulness.


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