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Well, holiday travel has been interfering with my computer time (first world problem, I know.) Traveling home to see my family has me mind on the young men from my last post and their own still on going travels away from everything they’ve ever known and everyone they care about. They are still evading the authorities who hunt them and are getting closer to safety.
I’ve been struggling with how to format a post after writing about the real danger of real people on the other side of the world. Quite a few times something funny has happened that I tried to write about, but it seemed so inappropriate. How crude hilarity and life threatening turmoil can exist in the the world in the same moment highlights how big the world is for me. It has also reminded me that as an individual my job is not to worry about the things I have no control over, it’s to be in the moment I am right now and do my best to effect betterment where I can. I suppose you could say my “Christmas Wish” is for everyone- the world at large- to wake up tomorrow with the thought “I am going to make today one small step better for someone else today.” It would really be the billions of little steps that make up revolution of human condition. It seems so little to ask for, but to date, completely unaccomplished and so, so improbable.

Miracles still happen though, I’ve lived long enough, and been to enough places, to have seen that time and again. Maybe tomorrow we’ll all decide to change the world. If you do, what would you do first?


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