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Every major magazine, newspaper and website is running at least one article on holiday pounds. Normally I don’t give a rip.

That’s a lie, normally I avoid them while peeking feverishly out from behind the pillow fort I build for hiding from reality in.

This year though, it’s different. I didn’t gain a thing at Christmas and I lost weight in fact between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m pretty thrilled about that, but today I had a relapse.

It wasn’t my fault.

It was my husbands.

   I received a mini can of Chocolate Hazelnut rolled wafers for Christmas. I was the picture of restraint and took them home unopened to enjoy at my leisure after the holiday’s, despite the wafer-y goodness of their creamy chocohazel filling. These kinds of cookies I only buy on rare special occasions (one part because they are expensive for our weekly grocery budget, one part because I eat them when I have them and my waist doesn’t like that.)
The day after we arrived back home I opened the cupboard to grab some almonds to snack on and noticed someone had already put my can of cookies in the cupboard. My spider senses revealed that the plastic packaging had been removed as well.
   I ripped the lid off and counted the cookies inside. Seven.The nutrition label said their should be ten.
  My son I know wouldn’t have been able to stop at a mere three cookies and definitely wouldn’t have had the good sense to stick the tin in the cupboard; leaving only my husband to blame, only my husband as the crook who ate my Christmas present, my precious…

Baked in the fiery heat of Mordor’s…uh, devious bakery’s, by Orcs, apparently.

I did the only reasonable thing in response and devoured the remainder of the tin in one sitting.

Yes, I blamed my Husband for the stomach ache that followed as well.

Did the Christmas season bring out any crazy in you?


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