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    Honest to goodness I hadn’t put the fact that it was Friday the 13th together in my head until 5 minutes ago while browsing articles online. Normally I enjoy purposefully walking under ladders and it is not beneath my anti-superstition-y-ness to go buy a dollar store mirror for the sake of breaking it. If I see a black cat today I will pick it up, snuggle it and try to take it home and hide it from my husband so I can keep him forever and ever.

    I’m feeling particularly invincible today though, because yesterday I survived one of my worst nightmares, or a version of it.
 Something really bad happened to my laptop, and it survived. I was mixing paint over some newspaper on my kitchen table in a plastic cup because I’m painting a dirt bike mural on my son’s bed room wall.
    Yes I know, I’m the coolest mom ever.
    Well, the tube of white paint I was squeezing was a little old and stubborn and didn’t want to collapse under my fingers and facilitate the emptying of its contents. I, being a genius, decided squeezing harder was the obvious answer…right up until the seam of the tube burst and sent globs of white paint flying all over my computer, which of course was open and facing me. 95% of the paint landed directly on the screen ,the other 5 tried to ooze its way in between my “Ins” and “Del” buttons.
    You know how stupid deer are for freezing on the road in oncoming traffic?
I totally get that. I should have leaped up, grabbed every cleaning supply in the vicinity and attack the globs…but I froze, totally froze. I spent at least a full minute fighting hyperventilation with my paint stick in one hand and the offending, now empty tube of paint in the other. I’m sure if my technological nightmares were so specific as to include death by white acrylic paint I would have fainted totally away, thankfully they are not.
    I eventually gathered my slack jawed wits together and grabbed paper towels to clean the mess up with and to my great and abundant relief the paint on the screen didn’t smudge as it came off. The paint on the plastic case and around the buttons was a bit tougher, but it’s come clean enough to not threaten the functionality of my computer. It does have some paint tucked away in the hard to reach places that I’m sure is there to stay, but every good tragedy deserves some scars for conversation so I’m okay it.
    Point is, I’m untouchable baby, bring it.


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