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Oooooh. isn’t it shiny? I’m still getting use to the differences here at wordpress, but so far I’m loving it, especially that new blog smell. *Sniiiiiiiiiiiiff* It’s like the cries of thousands of pleas for attention coupled to carpel tunnel. I believe I’m also detecting a hint of lavender.
I’ve been off the ball about posting, which I’m happy to say has a lot to do with my decision to finally invest time into finding a literary agent for my paranormal thriller, “Catalyst”. Yes, it’s as awesome to read as its title. If you’d like to take that bet feel free to leave your email addy in the comments and I’ll send anyone who wants it a digital copy.
Keep in mind of course that this is an unedited story, so typo’s will be waiting, though hopefully not too many.



  1. Pretty Awesome Friend!

  2. Nice site! I wanna read your novel 🙂 I messaged you on FB already with my email address. Although I should probably finish my current novel before diving into reading yours. Mine should only take two more weeks. Maybe even less…

  3. Nice page! Good luck with the lit agent search. Have you checked out any of the web classes on Savvy Authors? I hear they are great.

  4. Looks good.

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