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Woot, my project is almost complete, here are my three finished panels.

The colors on all three were used by mixing white with, yellow, green, and blue then using the medium hue as the base. The original color and the white were then used to low light and high light to give definition to the flowers and petals.

The yellow flowers need some touching up. The medium hue was much more translucent that I had expected it to be against the black and it didn’t want to blend with the white at all; it makes the white look very stark in comparison.

I really loved how the green ones turned out and I think my next project will definitely involve some dogwood flowers and mixed media to give the background a green and black water-color wash. I’m not sure why I’m on such a flora kick, maybe it’s because here in Ohio spring decided to arrive a week and a half ago and just didn’t tell anybody else.

What’s up, weather?


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  1. Beautiful! Spring already? Well, I did see some pussy willows blooming here in MN. I could get used to the idea of spring pretty quickly. Like… half a second quickly 🙂

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