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This is the far wall in our tiny third bedroom, which would be more accurate to describe as “the room without a bed where we store stuff, but mostly my stuff and also I paint on the wall in there.” It’s my thinking place. My brain retreats to the far recesses of my cranium and puzzle stuff out when I’m painting in here, a lot of my really good (and some not so good as it turned out but still, mostly they are good idea’s) form in here.

You can’t really see all of the stuff on the wall because it’s either out of frame or behind the red “couch” (Is it a couch, or is it storage bench that happens to have a back and metal arms on it?)

Here’s my most recent brainless contribution. I gave me a really nifty idea for my next painting project, which I’m going to go sketch out with my inkling (I still love you SO MUCH, my wonderful little toy) while I drink coffee at Starbucks since they sent me a free any drink thing ma bobber.

What do you use to unwind after a day of awesome (or awful?)


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  1. Daydreaming. Definitely daydreaming. Hey, how did you get the free thingamabobber? I want one. I also want to paint some type of mural on one of my walls…

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