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I marked another significant event on my calender yesterday. My second book query of the year for “Catalyst”. The mechanics of doing this is pretty boring really, I have a stock query that gets tweaked to each agencies prefered guidelines and then chucked off into cyber space while I  begin the great and terrible “Wait for 2-6 weeks for no reply whatsoever before starting again” game. That’s the outward steps anyway.

The inward musings of my brain are more interesting.

Me : “Well, time to query again.”

Me 2: “JABerwocky was next on the list”

Me: “Shoot, the available agents list has shrunk…wait, this one is still taking sci/fa, let’s email him.”

Me 2 ” Look, he list ‘archery instructor’ under his other interest, we shot archery, let’s make some sort of archery joke to really hone in on the mark…to hit our goals…”

Me : “I don’t think that’s…”

Me 2: “…to make our point.”

Me: “…professional.”

Me 2: “…keep our eyes on the target…”

Me: “Stop it.”

Me 2: “Writing is like archery, nothing matters as long as you score a goal.”

Me: “That doesn’t make sense.”

Me 2: “Maybe if you helped a little they would be sharper shooting.”

Me: “That’s really more of a gun reference, and may I say your grammatical structure suffered terribly trying to make it work.”

Me 3: “Open with ‘Writing is like archery because if you don’t represent my book and get me a bag of money I’m going to hunt you down with my compound bow and a quiver full of serrated boar tipped arrows.'”


Me: “I’m going to go with, ‘Dear Eddie of JABerwocky Literary’ and then the rest is going to be my pre-made stock query.”

Me 2: “Yeah, I think that’ll work.”



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