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May I introduce you to the making of exhibit A – “God is Loving” Painted by the lovely and talented Amanda. *Crowd applauses*

Now meet its fraternal twin, “God is Just” by me. Yes I was sitting down when I took this picture, deal with it.

Both are acrylic on 20 x 30 canvas, though neither are finished in these shots (You have to wait for that.) These are going to be used as set up for a third painting, which we will paint jointly as a live worship paint this weekend, that ties these two themes together as our depiction of how God brings about salvation of mankind from his sins. Amanda’s hubz, Erik, wrote a poem that we are painting to, I’ll get his permission to post that here as well the video we’ll be taking of the worship paint.

The theme is actually really heady, and the opportunity to use our talents in front of the our brothers and sisters in Christ an honor, but our actual favorite part about the project so far has to be the spray paint glitter we bought…just being honest.


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