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Since I’ve not been blogging (though, it’s nice to be so busy, so I’m not really complaining) here is a writer buddy of mine who has put down in words exactly what goes into a first draft.

Oh, Dustin

There’s me. And see that in my hands? That’s 228 pages of blood, sweat, and tears. That’s late nights, early mornings, mind-numbing word spinning, and hours upon countless hours of contemplating, dreaming, and typing.

That’s my novel.

The first draft of it, anyway.

Writing a novel is a curious task. It makes a person fickle. There are moments of highs where the writer feels like she is creating something great, and there are moments of lows where the writer sees only an enormous pile of crap looking back at her, heaped higher and higher by her precious time.

This has been a hard lesson to learn, and I’m still wincing at the idea: First drafts take copious amounts of time and energy… and still suck.

The infamous first draft has been dubbed by writers as the “shitty first draft”. I grasped the full concept of this as I worked up…

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