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Father, you are:

Holy, holy, holy

Unchanging through eternity

Holy, holy, holy

Just, loving, almighty.

In the beginning: you are.

Three in one: you are.

Complete needing nothing: you are.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit: you are.

Magnificent creative power,

Ultimate imagination brimming;

Words spoken – mountains move,

Oceans rage, flowers bloom.

Words spoken – hearts pound,

Blood courses, the earth full of sound.

Into the dust you breathe’

A man in your image conceived.

Sleep overtakes – a rib gleaned:

Adam made whole in Eve.

Three strands never to be torn apart.

Multiply the image of perfection.

Mankind given glorious start

Serving under holy direction.

Freedom’s choice: freely gifted.

Freedom to choose, but freedom to lose.

Freedom to the measure of faithfulness.

Chains for prideful stubbornness.

Chains to choke, to weight down, to bind.

Innocence, intimacy left behind.

The serpent’s deceit,

The womans desire,

The man’s inattention;

Creation: broken, mired.

Enter strife, enter pain

Enter nakedness, enter shame.

The snake that will crawl

Brings death with the fall.

Cruel and ugly become the thoughts of man.

Cunning, violence, destruction are his ways.

Brother’s blood on brother’s hands,

Cursed his is ’til the end of days.

He hates God – he loathes his neighbor.

Killing, maiming, tearing asunder.

Raping, stealing, dragging under.

through our pride we mutter:

God save us – we have sinned.

God lead us – cleanse us within.

You are faithful, oh Lord,

You hear our cry.

You are just, oh lord,

Your wrath justified.

Yet, you are loving, oh Lord,

You choose to provide.

Abraham’s seed – deliverance for all.

Slaves in chains stacking brick upon brick.

Exiles in shame: their faith to maintain.

Abraham’s seed – redemption from the fall.

The Root of Jesse comes,

Out of Egypt he comes,

Alight to the darkness, he comes.

Immanuel – God with us – comes.

Teach with all authority,

Boldly speaking with words leading.

Love with all sincerity,

Hearts healing with hands helping.

Thorns pierce, blood runs, pain inflicted.

Strike the nail; the cornerstone rejected.

Divide clothes, break bones, roll the stone.

Death victorious, the women weep and moan.

“Not the end” emphatically said.

The Son of Man is not dead.

Risen to conquer death and sin,

Risen to give life within.

Justice and Love crashing together,

Satan defeated, reeling forever.

Father, you are:

Holy, holy, holy.

Unchanging through eternity,

Holy, holy, holy.

Beauty and sovereignty,

Holy, holy, holy.

Just, loving, almighty.


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