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Easter weekend, or in a more accurate christian-ese, Resurrection Sunday weekend, was a busy one! The artsy folk in my church, myself included, prepared art work for a stations of the passion walk we hosted on Good Friday. The art theme for the art was the three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection, what it would feel like for those living in Jerusalem, and for Christ followers to be without their savior and endure the events that took place on the day of Christ death, such as the darkness that fell over the land, the earthquake and the torn temple veil.

I focused on the Temple veil and did a pencil sketch with some inking. I apologize for the glare and funny cropping in the photo. I’ll update a better picture when I bring it home from the church building this week.

The writing on the bottom is:

“Living in the shadow of the curtain, what is more terrifying; the thought that God is inviting you in to where he is, or the thought he has already come out to where you are?

What does it mean when the Lamb of God becomes the Lion of Judah?”

I wanted to capture the fear and uncertainty the priest would have felt at the sight of the temple veil, which was 9 inches thick of woven linen, the strongest natural occurring thread still today, ripped from top to bottom, revealing the Holy of Holies, that housed the Ark of the Covenant, where the Spirit of God lived. This was a terrifying event, Jews believed that to be in the raw presence of God would drop a man dead, even the High Priest would only enter the Holy of Holies one day a year, and he would wear a rope tied around his ankle so his fellow priest could pull him out again in case he dropped dead.

The priest in the background is too afraid of what has happened to face what is right in front of him, and the priest holding the curtain is so focused on what has been cast aside that neither can see what the third has realized. God is doing something new. The lamb prints leaving the Ark of the Covenant represent, the sacrifice God made in not only his Son, but in his manner of dealing with humanity, the way he allowed himself to be put in a box because it was the only way we could approach him. They turn into the paw prints of a lion after the curtain, because God is now able to actively pursue us where we are, covered in the sacrifice of his son. The Son, Jesus, who ceased being a sacrificial lamb the moment he took his last breath; once beyond the flesh of his temporary body he was already the Lion of Judah, defeating Satan and the gates of Hell for us.

It had originally been my intention to use water color and ink, but I ran out of time so did it in gray scale instead. Once I have it back and make the time I still plan on watercoloring it.



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  1. WOW, this is great. I can’t wait to see it in water color!

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