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Both my mom and my mother-in-law have asked for art work for their houses. Here’s the supply pic’s.


Notice the coffee mug in the background. Not an accident, coffee is a central part of any project. In fact, without it my hands get shaky, coffee is my crack. My brazilian pressed, home ground, fair trade, organic, crack. (My dealer’s name is Jasmine, and she knows how I like it and if you come HERE you can find the Aromas coffee shop where she’ll show you how much you like it too…forever, until you die from it.)


The reason this is on the carpet is because my desk is covered with too many things. No, I will not put the things away. If the things are out of sight where they belong I will not be able to find them. Such is the curse of a visual learner/visual creation process. It teaches you to need to see ALL THE THINGS – ALL the time.

Both these projects have something in common. My cats have walked over the wet paint on both projects at LEAST once. In a few hundred years after I die (Because no painter of note is famous until they are dead, or in rehab and well on their way to dead) they be able to find dna from my cats in my work. It’ll be my own little version of “Where’s Waldo”. “How many cats did the crazy lady own at the time of this painting?”

(And WHY are they all on the desk?)



  1. I need to be able to see my stuff too! Clayton hates this. Even on the computer, I keep a bazillion tabs open of things I’m doing or thinking about or saving for later. He tells me to bookmard them, but anything I bookmark gets forgotten forever because I CAN’T SEE IT. So I’ve resorted to pinning random pages and articles to a board on Pinterest. This is why Pinterst meshes so well with my brain. I can SEE it all. It’s as organized as I could possibly get. When something can’t go on Pinterst because it dosen’t have a pinable photo, Clayton has to get over it staying as a tab for awhile!

  2. I hope nobody steps on those, because that carpet will not be happy!

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