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Today I’m taking a break from me (don’t worry, my next post will regale you with Mother’s Day adventures in the traditional format of ME Featuring you all know and love.)  I’m featuring indie artist Rachelle Hope, from Sioux Falls South Dakota for one reason and one reason only. She’s my sister, which makes her awesome. She’s talented in all the ways I’m not:

(1) Vocally

(2) In all matters piano.

(3) She has lots of practice being short. That last one hasn’t come in handy for her as an adult, but I’m sure it will one day. (It came in handy for her when we were kids because she was NOT the sister nick named “The Jolly Green Giant.” Guess who the tall one is…go ahead, make a shot in the dark.)

She has a background in foreign missions and currently works as a worship leader, you can check out her other songs from her self titled album here at Reverbnation.

She has a CD Release party coming up June 8th, so if you happen to live there, go. Seriously. Do it. All the info can be found here on her Facebook page.

Some fun facts about the video, the piano she’s playing is the body of a hundred year old american made upright. Her husband, with some help from our dad, spent months pulling the brass guts out of the thing (It was broken anyway) and shaving the inside down so that her touring keyboard could fit inside it. That’s right. A keyboard in a piano suit. Her Roland 600 is the crazed Silence of the Lambs style serial killer of electric instruments.


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  1. Wow. Just wow. I love everything about that song and video. Very talented!!

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