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My old college room-mate and I have a tradition when it comes to christmas presents. I usually make her something homemade (most of my gifts are homemade) and she usually orders my gift off the internet. This works for us because she always buys me the exact right thing and she happens to like homemade stuff I make. The problem with this is the things she buys ALWAYS get back ordered and the things I make NEVER get finished in time. We usually end up exchanging things during the summer. It’s our groove and we like it.

I’ve got a few things to finish up on one of the pieces, but I’m happy with the way they have turned out. They are steam punked anatomical pieces. They have been colored with a Japanese brush tip pen set which were a gift from my mom and I have to admit, they are pretty awesome. I’d never bothered to buy brush tip because, honestly, they scared me a little. Now I can see myself obsessively buying these in every shade and hue.

This one has a glare spot on it, that circle isn’t actually white, but I was too lazy to take it out of the frame.

Two of Three, not quite finished.

The third is an eye, and is mostly white which didn’t photograph nice in the frame, so you’ll just have to imagine it in all of its optic nerve laden goodness.

The only unexpected effect of drawing these up is a sudden urge to design a heavy metal album cover.


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