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I work out. I really do, I hit the gym 3-4 days a week. Strength training, cardio, combo…as much as my chiro lets me. That isn’t much. I’ve got a wee, pesky, little inhibitor right now called a slipped disk. Kind of annoying. Going to the gym and working out around this wee, pesky, little problem makes me feel pretty dang invinsible though.

I’m not going to lie, I hate working out, I hate it so hard. I also am addicted to the feeling of getting sweaty, gritty, gross and worn out. I’m not any sort of a athlete lets make that clear, but in the middle of my tiny little 25 minute work out I feel like I’m accomplishing something so I hold onto that, and slowly I’m working my way up, longer work outs, more intensity etc, as my back heals.

It’s a good feeling. That feeling is also accompanied by the fact that my gym is the sort with rows of tv’s, this lets me watch music video’s while I work out which 1) keeps me from going bored out of my mind. 2) Let me pretend I am such a rock star. I can totally cover Adele note for note in my head.

My olympian, music mogul dreams were interupted this week past, by this.



I hate you, Gym, and all your reminders that I am neither a rock star nor alpha. I am beta. I am beta and I don’t understand why I pay you hard earned money to make me feel that way.

Go die in a fire.




One Comment

  1. There is unknown strength in the betas who keep coming back, day after day, even though they’re getting beat down. A secret, quiet power. The kind that sneaks up on people and surprises them.

    I love the betas 🙂

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