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Self: “We should blog.”

Self again: “I don’t want to, my back hurts, let’s lay here on the couch instead.”

S: “But our public is waiting for us.”

SA: “Our public, is like, 11 people, who also blog and have better things to do than sit around waiting for us. Let’s go play with the kid’s markers.”

S: “How about we be adults and blog, because that’s what adults do, keep their commitments.”


S: “Plus the kid lost the green marker and it’s no fun unless all the colors are there.”

SA: “Uhg, I hate that, when will he grow up and be responsible?”

S: “Um, he’s four.”

SA: “That’s no excuse”

S: “The Hubz disagrees. If we aren’t going to blog we should work on the book we have in contract.”

SA: “Couch…..couch is sooooooooOOOOOOOO comfy.”

S: *Bounces up and down a little* “Hmm, yes, yes it is. Plus godcat is sitting on our feet. We mustn’t disturb godcat.”

SA: “No, not good to disturb godcat, godcat is vengeful…and really annoying when she whines…GAWD don’t let the whining start”

S: “Okay, so…”

SA: “No, you so. I’m not getting up. ”

S: “Fine.”

SA: “Fa- ine – ah.”

S: “Fiiine.”

*Three days later*


*Four more days after that*

Look, at least I put the time to good use. Here’s my second piece for the To Write Love On Her Arms art benefit. I hand-stained the paper with green tea and then inked over it with water proof black ink and filled with water based, brush tip gray pen.



  1. I read this blog 🙂 I always like being in the top 11.

    • Your unwavering loyalty is the only thing that gets my brain out of bed some days. That, and the need to pee.

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