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1) I have bought a pet unicorn and am busy watching him fart rainbows.

2) I have inherited a million dollars in puppy breath stock options making me the primary owner of the worlds most adorable and ethical puppy mill. I am trying to decide if I want the money or the puppies more.

3) I am traveling with The Doctor; Bow Ties are cool.

4) God-Cat hath commanded me, nay.

5) I have bought a pet dragon, I am busy pillaging.

6) I have finally decided to run away and become a wandering minstrel with a secret pouch of magic which I dole out to unsuspecting people who are mysteriously for no reason what so ever full of potential to do, something.

7) My mind has reached a new level of consciousness and along the way got lost coming back to my body. I am in fact writing this by shorting out the wires below the keyboard with pure energy. Yes, that’s totally a thing that would work, trust me, I’m ethereal.

8) Unicorn called Dragon “Villager breath.” They killed each other in a fight to the death on a mountain top during a lightning storm as a full moon rose over the horizon of a misty valley. I am busy being in mourning, and trying figure out how to cremate a fire proof dragon corpse.

9) I have finally published a book and am busy earning enough money to buy a bigger castle than the one J.K. Rowling bought.

10) I have bought a water hating Firebird, and fire hating Kraken to replace Unicorn and Dragon. I am busy seeing no way whatsoever this decision could end in disaster.

P.S. The book I’m working on for LifeLight is nearing completion, which means we’re getting REALLY close to the deadline and I’m working as much as possible and fast as possible and wishing we had another three months to do this thing. I’ve finished 5 of 6 art commissions I’ve had in the last two months and number 6 is really, really close to being done. I’m on vacation, starting tomorrow, for the next two weeks, so CIAO!



  1. Hi! This is Amy from The Messy Middle — I updated my blog this weekend but haven’t been able to move subscribers from wordpress. Sigh. So, if you want to keep following me, you’ll need to resubscribe through wordpress ( I’m slowly learning more about technology, that’s for sure … thanks for following! Hope the vaca was good 🙂


  2. Enjoy the vacation!

    • thanks, it’s a working vaca for me, but that’s alright. I just glad the hubz gets to have two whole weeks off, boy does he need it.

  3. Have a great vacation! You’ve worked hard for it!

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