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Today is the 17th of August, which means it is T-minus 14 days and 12 minutes at the time of this sentence until the biggest event of my art calendar year: The LifeLight music Festival in Worthing SD August 31st – September 2nd.

Some back story – LifeLight is a ministry oriented non-profit started by my family in 1998. Planning a yearly event to host 300,000 people for 3 days of non-stop music is the atmosphere for the majority of my life. Yes, it is awesome.

LifeLight also does tons of other things, like short-term mission trips throughout the world, and tours and concerts through the mid-west, plus we have two satellite festivals; the first in Bethany Missouri and a second preparing for its first year in Texas, May of 2013.

How this relates to my art life is the 360 Loft Gallery, literally a loft in the building of our 360 Stage where I put on our annual on site art gallery. This is the third year for the gallery and we have  four live painters, as well as photographers and Native American artist participating this year. Our live painters: Andy Raines, Tracy Claassen, Brian Viengthong and Paul Krueger, are painting on stage throughout the weekend.

I’m packing my son up (Maybe literally in a suitcase if he’s naughty) and we are flying up to SD to start physical prep for the festival this coming Wednesday. All the other kind of prep has been ongoing since April, which can be awkward since I live in Ohio; at pretty near exact 1,000 miles away, I win the longest distance outsource volunteer award.

You should come check us out, what better use of time could you have for Labor Day Weekend than to camp out at a music festival and get to hang out with me?


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  1. Can’t wait for you to get here!

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