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Last night some very special people came to my parents house. A Mexican family of 5, having just finished two days of driving up from the boarder city of Juarez, Mexico arrived. Well, not straight to the house. They drove an extra 30 minutes or so out of their way to see my sister, Rachelle Hope, and her band play in Sioux Center because they are like that. Why go where you can relax and look after yourself after 2 days of travel when you can support a friend instead?

They tumbled into the house excited and tired from the concert, and the foyer exploded into a messy ball of arms and elbows as everyone tried to hug everyone else all at once. Space was cleared, couches were filled, Jorge, the father, translated as much as he could, but mostly our sorry, sad amounts of Spanish and the rest of the family’s meager English fluttered around the house with much more being said through hands, eyes, and smiles than words.

11 pm rolls around, and somehow we were all in the kitchen making second dinner, hugging one another some more and trading more news. There wasn’t any real food in the fridge, the LifeLight Festival is too near and things far too busy for menial task like grocery shopping, so we started with PB & J’s, and tuna and bacon sandwiches, followed by a bag of chili flavored potato strings from Japan. The official Mexican opinion of what the Japanese snack industry consider spicy by the way…laughable. Some one finds frozen veggie’s and chicken at the back of the freezer, the third course cooks up as the kids rip into boxes of pretzels and bottles of sweet tea.

Midnight; Luz, the mother, and I start packing things back into the refrigerator. The Great Luggage and Blanket Shuffle begins as couches are transformed into little havens of sleep and sacrificial arguments are made over who should not sleep in the one spare bed.

I win.

Lights go out. The house fills the void with its own little noises as it tucks itself around us to sleep.

The world wars with itself, physically, messily, spiritually, passively, aggressively, internally and externally in the day lit places as well as the in the darkness while two countries sleep content in unity under under a shared roof; under a shared covering of Grace.

Psalm 133:1
 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!


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