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I was granted reinforcement of my personal belief that I should carry a crossbow with silver tipped arrows with me at all times. Not that I need it to still want that, but seriously, yesterday this happened: I was walking through Hobby Lobby (I had a gift card *squeee!*) perfectly content to go in, buy things, and leave without feeling the need to blog again about the strangeness of the good old H to the L when Hobby Lobby literally made that impossible.

This is what I heard over the loud speaker within 3 seconds of entering the store.

“Werewolves on line one please, werewolves on line one.”

Hobby Lobby, thank you for being you. The world would be so much more boring without you in it.


One Comment

  1. I don’t have a Hobby Lobby here. Sounds like I’m really missing out 😦

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