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Our resident god-cat has some funny habits. By funny I mean gross. When she is stressed out she sleeps in the litter box. It’s a pretty common security coping mechanism for cats actually, but that doesn’t make them smell any better. When we went out-of-town a few weekends ago a friend from my hubz work came to take care of our little house of fuzz. Strangers anger god-cat, she doesn’t like being in the presence of heathen’s who don’t know they aught worship her. So she slept in the litter box. Two  days after we came home I decided the smell was lingering too much and so resigned myself to bathe her royal worship.

The god-cat herself, receiving what she at this moment must only have thought was supplication.

A picture is worth a thousand words…but no photo can explain the noises this cat was making here.

 I can give you only one reason she did not incite the rise of Ragnarok…Numnums. Her only weakness is her stomach. She will put up with anything if she is lavished with gifts of the harvest…or you know, seafood flavor medley. She wasn’t screeching through the process alone though…

Coyote dog was pretty intrigued by the whole process.

There we have it, bath is done, now it’s just god-cat as a very angry kitty burrito until she’s dry enough to let run loose.



  1. I laughed and laughed! “A picture is worth a thousand words…but no photo can explain the noises this cat was making here.” So funny!

    • She has the strangest yowl I’ve ever heard, truly. She actually didn’t put up much of a “fight” she has arthritis and she is old, plus declawed, it’s hard for her wiggle. Her little noggin’ though, sharp as a tack, some of the looks I got chilled my bones…I sleep with catnip now.

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