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Day 3 – I woke from a mad, haze of a dream that I had completed my book already. I was icon amongst my fellow nano’s and all feared and loved me. Waking to the reality of typist wrist and realizing that my heroine was in the middle of a the Venezuelan river basin bow hunting for vampires was a confusing let down. I don’t even know how my character got there…why are my eyes so red and WHO used a black sharpie to convert dialog from English to Portuguese  all over the hallway wall? Wait…

…that may have been me, I think I remember something like that in my dream. I need coffee, coffee will make this better…



…To Be Continued.



  1. You are great! Do you have your novel all planned out this year? I’ve got a rough map to the middle of the story, but it’s blank after that. I don’t have a climax or ending in mind. Hoping it will come when I need it!

    • I don’t, I’ve got the general plot (A continuation of last years book) but other than that…what happens happens.

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