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Focus on action, I was going to focus on action today to get some of my side characters tied securely into the plot. Instead I spent an hour researching the routs, boundaries and make of the Rio Negro in the Amazon. Is it relevant to my story? Yes…but in general not really what I wanted to accomplish. Do you know how hard it is to get a decent map of the Rio Negro? Way harder that it should have been, that’s how. My hubz was no help, it’s his day off but instead of watching our kid he spent the day in the garage, hobby-ing, so I ended up doing all the shopping, cleaning, cooking AND child watching that I was supposed to be able to ignore in favor of writing. In other words. “Whiny whine whine whinyfraster.”

That feels better I suppose. Now to crank out another 1,700 more words, because if I don’t make it to 16,000 words today I will have failed somehow. Thus is the price of picking arbitrary numerical goals. I should learn not to do that, but the reality is that if I don’t do better than my finish last year it will haunt me forever. Breaking even isn’t good enough, I must CRUSH as much of the competition as possible as well, even as I am crushed by others (you know who you are, writing “buddy”.)

But not right this second, because right now I need to go make a meatloaf. Hubz says I’m not allowed to hand the kid a box of cereal for dinner just because I’m writing. What does he know?



  1. Okay, BJ. I need you to do something for all the NaNo’ing moms out there: You know those Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” photos? Make one that says, “Hey Girl, I think it’s great that you kept our kids alive on pop-tarts and Sponge Bob all day while you smashed your NaNoWriMo word count. You’re modeling a dedication to your craft. Now get back on your computer, and let me make dinner.”

    Then we could all show our husbands, and they’ll step up their game a little. My husband was all like, “So did you home school today?” Umm… NO! It’s November, and she is in KINDERGARTEN for crying out loud! Geez…

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