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I was going to have the coolest picture to post today, but then I realized I had not seen my camera since we arrived home from Christmas travels. I would use my phone’s, but that camera is shot because I have an electronic abuse problem. I should get help for that I guess but I don’t and in the mean time tech in my possession endures a battered lifestyle. *le sigh*

I’ve been painting my study and I’m excited about it, because I’m using science and math to decorate it. It sounds lame, but it’s not. I’m painting the Periodic Table of Elements on my focus wall and I’m buying fabric with my Christmas money to make some super sweet throw pillows for the couch. I’m going to embroider them, but instead of flowers I’m going to stitch various equations into their centers. Yes, awesome.
But I can’t show these things to you, because I am an irresponsible gadget owner. For all I know I’m going to lose the computer I’m writing at right now by leaving it in a coffee shop, or dropping pancake batter onto it, or more paint. Yeah, more, it’s had the paint drop a couple of times already. If I were my computer I would have moved out by now and gotten a restraining order against myself.

To top it off I’ve been highly distracted this weekend. Here it is, Monday night and I had planned on posting on Saturday. I had a song stuck in my head on Saturday…I couldn’t possibly be expected to write under those conditions. Sunday evening you ask? Well, I had the over-whelming urge to bake muffins at 11:30 at night so that got accomplished. Don’t ask what I wasted my time doing before that, because I have absolutely no idea.

Better luck next weekend. Maybe. I might decide I want to make curtains instead; maybe I’ll at least have found the camera by then.



  1. What?! No picture?! BJ!!!!!!! How could you do this to me? … At the same time, I understand. I am also camera-less at this moment 😦 Ashton Kutcher tried to sell me this really nice one at Target, and I want it so badly. Problem is it’s like $400 :/

    • I know, I’m terrible. I’m also pretty sure my camera is somewhere in MN right now…so, if you see it, tell it I say hi.

  2. I can’t wait to see your study! That is going to look awesome! Oh and I hate having a song stuck in my head! Especially if it’s a little kid’s song! BLAH!

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