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Behold! But not too close because the paint is still wet.


Isn’t she beautiful? Sorry about the picture quality. The lighting in the room is poor and all I have at the moment is the ipod’s camera, but you get the gist of it I think. The Periodic Table of Elements, condensed for aesthetics (I’ve not popped out the actinides or Lanthanides. I mocked it up  popped out, but it didn’t sit on the wall pretty like I wanted. So, oh well.)

This was both fun, and tedious to do. The Letters were fun, but taping up, then penciling on, then painting over the grid: most boring thing ever.


Pictured: A blurry photo of the most boring paint job in the history of science.

This is one of twelve large-scale projects I’ve set for myself this year. One project a month for the year of 2013. Large scale is a little loosely used here, pretty much anything larger than my travel sketch book goes, but it has to be something I would consider worth hanging (or painting directly onto) my own wall. February is going to be my Water Color month. Any suggestions for further on into the year?



  1. My favorite piece I’ve ever done was a when I painted an elephant on a thick piece of poster board with leftover paint I’d used to paint my room. Oh, and no paint brushes. Fingers only. It was the best time I’ve ever had with paint.

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE it!

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