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Say hello to my favorite meme, Grumpy Cat.


Her real name is Tarter Sauce, and her owner is a spoil sport that wants everyone to leave her alone.

Fat chance, I bring her up because her voice, or rather the voice I give her in my head, is the voice I read a lot of things in. Some of it unintentional. Like when I received the world’s most prompt literary agent reply ever. It said no, but thanks for playing. My brain read it like this:


So, there’s that. I have 7 agents and their submission guidelines saved under my internet favorites right now. The plan is to query them all this week. I’m trying to up my ante by querying 10 agents a month. *fingers crossed*



  1. At least the agent was prompt? Ugh. I hate submitting stories. It takes away the time you have to work on another story which is SO MUCH MORE FUN.

  2. From one cat lover to the next – thank you! These darling photos made my morning. Now off to work :/

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