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My hubz got me one of these for Christmas. —>


photo (8)


He did this because he is my milk shake and he is better than yours. I don’t know why he brings the boys to the yard, nor dare I ask. I like to think it’s just the beard.

This beautiful tablet is a Bamboo Create, one of many by Wacom. It allows me to draw, paint and edit those pictures directly on my computer screen. This is an amazing thing. I’ve had to turn down free-lance business because of my non-software-ness in the past, but as soon as I master this sucker, the world is mine! I couldn’t use it right away because my 8-year-old laptop (the newest of two computers in our house during the holidays) would have committed Seppuku rather than run something other than solitaire. That has changed, because I bought myself this:

photo (9)


Happy day! Of course the only problem now is that it doesn’t fit in my computer bag because it’s wide screen…but that’s a post for another time.

I’ve installed the software and spent hours upon hours now training my brain to use a pen to draw while looking up at a screen. That bit is hard. It’s like patting your head while rubbing your stomach, only not that because I can do that and it doesn’t feel like it’s short circuiting my brain the way NOT being hunched over a note-book does. I’ll get the hang of it. Here’s a sample:


Yeah, I’m not at 100% with this stuff yet, but drawing details through a cross hair icon is weird, so give me a break.

That was after a few days of practice. The very frickin’ first thing I drew was this:


After I did this I went downstairs to sit on the couch and not stare at screen for a while. I had a headache from battling the urge to look down, curl around the tablet and place my nose inches away from my drawing surface, because normally I draw like a cave man hunched over a Brachiosaurus burger. My chiropractor loathes my hobbies. All of them want to give the spinal structure of a 90-year-old scoliosis patient. Also on the couch with me was the Hubz; he was playing video games, and so I decided it was the perfect time to start a conversation.

Me: “The Bamboo is AMAZING, you are the best hubz ever.”

Him: ………….

Me: “It’s hard to get use to though.”

Him:…………………….. *pew pew pew, AAAHHH, crash and other such video game noises*

Me: “Your beard is bleeding. Some one is stealing the truck…”

Him: “Har har.”

Me: “Oh, so you CAN hear me?”

I’d have called him a child for hoping I was just going to go away and let him play his game, but the fact that I had just used the two newest, most powerful, and shiny electronic devices we had ever owned to draw a pony was not lost on me. I let him off the hook.

P.S. In the future I will figure out how to get these darn pic’s to size correctly, so you can actually see them. Today is just not that day.



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  1. How are you so funny?! I wish I could be funny. Dang.

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