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My day did not go as planned. Still isn’t though it’s sorting itself without me so I’m mostly okay with this. It started when I got myself and my son in the car to go do ALL the things. You know, errands. The kind that my son will grow up despising because it means YEARS OF HIS LIFE gone; trapped under a seat belt with all the toys out of reach just under the seat.

That was the plan. My son changed that, I would like to think not purposely, by vomiting orange juice all over the general everything in around him less than 4 minutes after we left the house.

Nothing changes the course of a day like vomit. That’s just a truth.

There was a good chance it was just motion sickness, but I canceled my appointments for the morning after I cleaned up semi-digested orange juice and returned home on the off-chance my child was carrying the next plague.

After a couple hours of enforced bed rest I determined him to be plague free and we went to the library. Any time my kid vomits he gets the day off from school, even if it is just motion sickness, because vomiting sucks. So off to the library we went where my child grabbed every episode available of Pokémon, galactic battles he could find. I browsed the new fiction section and that’s where I found the point of this post. I give you, “The Emperor’s Soul” by Brandon Sanderson.

photo (12)


It is my new favorite. It is a tiny, easy read, a hour long devour, but devour I did. I couldn’t put it down from beginning to end. It comes with the added bonus of course of Alexander Nanitchkov’s amazing art work, which is also now a favorite. Seriously, how could you look at this book and not want to surgically implant everything about it right into your brain?




  1. I cannot believe you brought your Child-With-The-Plague to the LIBRARY! Geez! Take him to Wal-Mart if you have to bring him somewhere. *shakes head*

    • hehehe, I only took him after I was sure he was plague free. Scouts honor. haha.

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