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coffeebeancountanenceHappy people driven by stimulant
Buzzing bodies always in with it.
Laughing here, posing there
In-between and everywhere.
There they stand, all the others;
Orphans, sinners, widowed mothers.
“Join the attention, be in our scene.”
Filled up cups and voices ring.
Spectators think they are a part of action.
Being buzzed is enough for patrons.
Empty people don’t need coffee.
Hurting hearts don’t want ‘comfy’.
Being held back by guilt is wisdom?
Self-righteousness equals true constitution?
What is left when the coffee cup is empty?
What do you offer in the face of drudgery?
Truth is traded for positive thinking.
Good works reduced to gossip and tinkering.
When have those things ever been enough?
Oh, how I wish we were made of sterner stuff.
No one wants your 40% post consumer content coffee cup.
Give them your outstretched hand and a leg up.
Is it that hard to see the need?
Are you that afraid to bleed?
The poor and orphaned won’t bite you;
They are so tired of being see through.
No one likes to be invisible.
Holy power demands us to be indivisible.
In what way haven’t we failed every moral standing
Just by saying “No thanks, it’s too demanding.”?


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