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I was 15…or 14, maybe most likely 16, the first time I saw a girl with yarn falls woven into the dreads in her hair. She was driving a horse-drawn carriage through historic Boston, or Philadelphia maybe. Someplace east coast and old timey enough that the Starbucks building was covered in ivy and the window frames were green painted wood. There was even a cast iron post on the front with a wood Starbucks logo hanging from it. Or if there wasn’t there should have been. It was right across the street from some historic building somebody died in. Or lived in. Or both.

Yarn. Dreadlocks. I fell in love. I would have chased the carriage down the cobble stone street and ripped them straight off that sassy cabby’s head if my coffee hadn’t been so piping hot…and expensive. Plus I’m lazy.

I went home, and promptly forgot about them. Many, many years later, I was sitting at my desk when it dawned on me, “I should make those!” I googled all the ways to make yarn falls. Some looked complicated, but looked awesome. Some were easy, and looked retarded. I decided I was still too lazy and yet to demanding to mess with it. Time lapsed by yet again.

Last month, I finally did it. I made them, they are gorgeous and I look like a hippy pirate when I wear them. It’s the best kind of pirate, really, because I would much rather drink a pint of rum  with you than stab you, also I don’t know how to sail and am deathly afraid of sharks. I definitely would not make it as a pirate that actually leaves dock and travels the vast oceans. I’m a good swimmer and I’m a fair shot with a gun, I just, you know…frickin’ sharks…no. No thank you. Plus I don’t know how well acrylic yarn would hold up under a constant barrage of sea spray.




These are made with an acrylic double colored yarn . These are braided in doubled groups of 3-8 strings of yarn each. There are a lot of ways to make yarn falls: loose strands of yarn, to braided, swirled, and felted. It all depends what sort of look you want to end up with, there isn’t really a wrong way to do them. I wanted the felted look, but didn’t have any raw wool (or money to buy any) so that’s why I picked a fuzzy acrylic, because it has the bulk and look of felted with way less money and effort.


Here’s one more selfie. Yeah, I look high, like all good hippy pirates should.


photo (21)






  1. I was going to buy something like this once my dreads got longer to loop into the bases, but now I want to try my hand at making them. I’m going to pin this 🙂

    • sweet. Yeah, the day after I made these I got finger cramps from all the braiding. I didn’t mention it in the post, but I used a lighter to burn the ends of my falls to keep them tidy. (Which you should NOT do to wool.)

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