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I’m off to Dallas Texas tomorrow to participate in the best industry partnership of all time – An art gallery at an outdoor, three day music festival in Sherman (an hour-ish outside Dallas.) Check out for more info on that if you like…until then enjoy this journal, it’s amazing. I’ve been sitting on some cut papers and binding for a few months because I keep forgetting to start the stinkin’ project already! But serious, hand bound journals rock.

The art shop where I work was recently sent a big stack of paper in mill packs. According to the manager of the main warehouse in Perth, the paper was not selling quickly enough and so the line has been discontinued. “Find a way to get rid of it,” we were instructed.

Always curious about paper, I opened some of the mill packs up, and was amazed to find a really beautiful text-weight paper from some mill in Japan. It has a delicate laid texture, and comes in 15 hues —from a dark blue-black to a pale cream color—with yellows, greens, greys, blues, reds, and tints of apricot in between. It reminded me a lot of the old Fabriano Artist Diary that used to be made in Italy by the nearly-300 year-old paper mill Fedrigoni. Those Artist Diaries used to feature 10 to 12 different colors of paper…not just the…

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