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This weekend brought something new to Texas. LifeLight, the SD based music ministry, held its first three-day, free admission, Christian music festival at the Willowwood Ranch just outside Sherman, Texas (An hour from Dallas). As the art gallery coordinator for LifeLight events, I was able to bring in Andy Raines, a speed painter, to show his work and paint on stage over the weekend.


Andy and his wife, Karen.

His art aesthetic is straight forward and to the point, and I love it. LifeLight’s entire purpose is making the Gospel of Christ more accessible, and that’s why our festivals are free. Andy’s art never waivers from the truth of Christ sacrifice for our salvation, and his power to break away the chains and deadbeat patterns we place over ourselves in our lives. Here’s some of the show pieces he brought.



And of course, you can’t come to Texas without going full cowboy…


Here is the first stage piece he did on Friday, the first day of LifeLight Texas’ 3 day festival.



I’ve worked with many different performance artist since heading up the Gallery portion of LifeLight’s ministry. While there are very few that manage to be high maintenance,  Andy takes the cake with his flexibility, approachability and willingness to go where he feels the Spirit lead.

Check out his Facebook page for more info on Andy and his art work!



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