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Things that annoy me…that’s a long list really, but on top of it right now is Literary Agency’s that list their interest on agent rolls, or collective sites for the purpose of finding clients, then don’t actually represent the genre’s they claimed in the profile. Did you get that? Agent Dingleberry on SAYS they represent Thriller/scifi/YAfantasy/whatever, BUT once you get to their agency page it says they only represent children’s bedtime stories and poetry about butterflied that never get eaten by violent song birds and turned into a white smear on some poor smucks car hood. I know you are busy, but here’s the thing. You are also a business; representing yourself. Get yo’ shit together.




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  1. I had sort of the opposite once; an agency put that they didn’t represent poetry or children’s books. ‘Fine,’ I thought to myself, ‘They’ve gone to the effort of putting down the things they don’t represent, and seeing as Fantasy hasn’t been listed, they must represent it.’

    Guess what my rejection letter said?

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