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I did it again. I had a great idea for a story. An idea that would allow me to create and explore multiple cultures while delving into a realm of fantasy that would take something mundane and reinvent it into something dangerous, individual and spectacular! After weeks of researching and hours poured over a notebook I had a first chapter. I wanted to cradle it in my arms and tickle it’s chin with my finger tip.




Even now I’m so proud of this little baby!


Except there is a problem. Despite my research, my forethought, my planning, and the five full length manuscripts I have already under my belt I did it AGAIN.

I did, even though I tried not to. It would be so easier to just not write this way, but it doesn’t matter. As I look back at where I started and envision this perfect opening scene I want to flesh out and create I have nothing but reality to face now. I started in the middle. There is no way around it. I started writing smack dab in the middle of my story. I realized it at 2am the other night while I was arguing with my brain over all the reasons I should be asleep. Just as I thought I was winning the back of my cerebral cortex, slightly to the left where all my petty self-undermining is kept, spoke up.

“This is never going to work,” It said.

I curled up on my side and hugged myself trying carefully not to wake my husband and realized it was right. It wasn’t going to work. I had 17 pages of “oops, we’re not there yet” sitting on my computer. I slipped out of bed and stared at those pages in the dark of my living room. I honestly couldn’t believe it. despite the fact I’ve always started in the middle. The middle is where all the excitement is, but it makes writing the rest of the story hard. No one cares how amazing mister tall, dark, and handsome is if no one knows how he got there. No one cares that the dame is holding the knife when they don’t know why she picked up the knife to begin with.

I started writing again. Typing away while the cat tried to  convince me that being awake was a good enough reason to feed him. It’s hard to feel like a successful writer when your only consolation is an inbox of query rejections, and cat hair on your keyboard.

I’m not letting it bother me though because that’s not the point. I’m not after the consolation prize. I want The Prize. I’m going to rewrite as many novels as I have to in order to get it. Just you wait and see.





  1. Yeah! I love your spirit.

  2. I prefer novels that begin in media res, anyway. Hook me in, then give me some exposition when I need a breather. Some exposition – too much, & I’ll tune out. It’s important for you to know all of the back story. Only tell the reader what they absolutely need to know,

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