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It was a hectic day yesterday. I did all the mom things. All of them. When my hubz got home I ran for the door like the house was on fire with my laptop, digital art tablet, pencils, pens, paper and notebooks  spilling out of my laptop bag that refuses to zip shut under the assault of over stuffing in tow. Much like my face around homemade cookies. Mmmm, cookies.


I ordered a coffee from my regular guy, sat at my regular table, and delved my mind as deep down as I could get it away from normal. Into sketches, words, shapes, shades, phrases, and ideas. I wrote about bracken water deltas full of tawny sharks and salt marsh monitors wrestling for domination over a harbor full of wooden ships and lurking mermaids.

 I drew gazing eyes, lifted heads, and slumping shoulders.

I thought about all the things my current agent query for my Vamp’ story, “Catalyst” didn’t portray right and discovered I need to rewrite a book. Again.

I discovered I’m once again addicted to the color blue and that there can be a whole universe of tone in a iris.


After all of this I gathered my things, held them close to me and left, happily weary, for home.

Check that.

I tried to leave. In reality I forgot that I had stayed a half hour past closing and the door was locked and needed some extra help reaching the state of ‘open’. I did not remember that thing. Three times I forgot it and battered myself against the glass door, in a glass wall, looking out into an unfortunately not empty parking lot, like a house fly that forgets where the open window is .006 seconds after flying into a car.

Sometimes I only have enough brain power for one reality. Last night I did not save any for the one I live in.




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