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It happens every year, and this year it started on the couch.

I work for LifeLight, a music industry non-profit who’s banner event is a three day music festival in Worthing SD. Three days of 5 stages worth of non-stop music. Pop, rap, metal, contemporary, country. You name it, we got it. My little niche in the machine is the 360 Loft Art Gallery. I bring in speed painters, potters, photographers, pretty much if you call it art we bring it in.

But every year there is a catch. Every year post-festival I have these weird dreams about how it all goes so wrong. Not like, bloody murder and Satanism wrong, just the run of the mill, “I can’t find that one important thing I lost and if I don’t find it, whatever it is, all my goals will be left unmet and my time wasted” sort of wrong. The really annoying sort of wrong. Thing is, this event goes wrong all the time. It’s the nature of hosting an art gallery in a converted dairy barn loft at an event that sees 300,000 pairs of footsteps. If something isn’t going wrong you’re not doing something right, really. I’m really good at rolling with the flow and I’ve never had something go so wrong that I can’t turn it around with a smile. That’s just the truth.

Every year though I get those dumb nightmares…okay more like night-annoyances…except I was napping on the couch in the middle of the afternoon, so it was dayoyance.

There are very few things that bother my subconscious enough to produce these dreams. In fact I can’t think of one. My life is pretty stress free, purposefully. This event is the biggest thing in my year though; it would be fair to say even that it’s the pivot point of my calendar. It happens every year, it will never not happen. I could inherit a small island and be named the wealthiest person alive and I would still plan my year around this festival.  It’s a sure as Christmas in our household.

This is also the first year since our gallery started 4 years ago that I’ve had/made time to paint something myself for it. Usually I feel like I’m too busy, and the hassle of transporting art by plane makes my skin crawl. It really does.  So many things can go wrong…*shudder*

Still. We soldier on.

I posted the sample for this painting last week, but here is what will soon be the finished product for the Gallery.

photo (32)


I’m at about 40% done with it right now, hopefully it will be completely done by tomorrow night and then I’m aiming for  two more in the series, which I haven’t a name for yet. It’s pencil, watercolor, and pen.

The dreams don’t bother me, well they are stupid at the time, but really I was excited when I woke up. The season just doesn’t feel like crunch time until I get my first one. Weird as that may sound, but they really help focus my distractedness. A brain shift happens that helps me function better. A kick in the butt for my mental capacities. Here’s hoping it kicks my paint skills up a notch this year as well.


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