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I have links! Links for Everyone!

Friday is the start of the 2013 LifeLight Festival in Worthing South Dakota. Three days of 6 stages of music. From Metal to Electronic, Rap to gospel, to children’s entertainment to live spoken word poets, from international pop and contemporary rock it’s there, all Labor Day Weekend long. If you can’t find something you like, you aren’t trying.  We even have a Action Flow Sports Stage with open skate for bmx and skateboards that will host pro motocross, America’s Got Talent crew Champions Forever, and pro Skateboards. We have camping, a fenced park for kids with a giant sandbox and plenty of seating and a quaint pond with flowing  creaks and waterfalls.

And in case your camping/rocking/outdoor party-self needs some high-speed Wi-Fi we have that too, because we know better than to separate honest  folk from their twitter accounts.

Of course in my head all of this pales next to my baby. The 360 Loft Art Gallery. We have speed painters and art ministries from all over the country coming! Folks can buy their iced coffee just outside our building then come up and plunk down on an honest to goodness sofa and enjoy the art of potters, photographers, and painters of all sorts! Once you’re done combing through the ocean of links to great music above, check out our live painters and art ministries below!

God’s Gallery

Andy Raines

Brian Viengthong

And don’t forget to check out some of our prime photographers!

Michael Liedtke

Sadie, blogger from “For Their Tender Hearts

And some prime picks out of our painters,

Felicia Fullom

BJ, blogger from “Wordsandpicturesbj”…wait, what was that last one? Me? Oh! Yeah, it totally is. *And the town’s people rejoiced.*


Of course that list isn’t nearly all the artist we have coming. More local and regional artist will being showing paintings and pottery plus Speaker/Artist/Author  Eric Samuel Timm will be on our Souled Out stage Sunday night as well!


Because I don’t own a functional camera and have a crappy non-smart phone, I don’t have the time or resources to post much more than this right now, but you can bet your best pony that I’ll have a photo-fest post for you after Labor Day!




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