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Dear To Do List,

We have an uneasy peace betwixt us much of the time. On good days it reaches mild ranges of familiar comfort and that’s awesome but, September is never easy for us, you and I. My traveling, my unscheduled, frequent late nights, they strain our relationship. Just know that I’m trying. Really I am, to line up the time to start flushing out that book we worked on, and rewriting that other query is right there at the top of you…in my mind.

Finishing the technical watercolor that I started 4 weeks ago, that’s right there in the top 5! And taking the time to organize the books in the closet, you know, you KNOW I’ve really truly been meaning to do that.

But your physical manifestation looks so foreign from the ideals in my head. You see we are starting 1st Grade this year as a home school family and my time seems to be eaten up organizing lesson plans. Then there is the fact that I haven’t been home from my three weeks out-of-state for quite 48 hours yet and I am not sure how much more time it’s going to take me to feel like I’m on top of the house hold chores dog pile again. Don’t even ask me about my little boy turning 6 in a week and a half. I have no idea how I’m pulling off that party (what, we decided to host that in my house…the one we’ve got a line in the sand over right now house? Who’s stupid idea what that, To Do List? Mine? Oh, carry on) and I haven’t made time to purge the little monsters closet, toy box or under the bed to make way for the new clothes, new toys, new…what ever it is I’ll find under his bed.

Add “Explore under bed” to our list, List.

My point is I know I got distracted yesterday when I spent hours on a baking spree in my kitchen instead of cleaning out the vacuum cleaner. You know I have the best intentions towards you, but really you are a figment of my imagination. You literally only exist at the nudge of my thoughts and my thoughts are not frequently with you right now. Maybe they should be because I know we work best together, you aligning my priorities and needs up into a neat little packet, me executing every deed and ending it with a flourished line across your detailed conquered territory like a general.

Here’s the deal, though, my dear. I’m just not ready to pick up our relationship where we left off, yet. It’s not you. It’s me, you know that right?

Maybe we should just date other people, for a while.



  1. Hilarious! Now get crackin’ on that novel. *Scarey eyes. I’m giving you scarey eyes right now.*

    • I can feel them…they stare into my soul… Also I AM crackin’ on the novel, and by that novel I mean I’m re-writing Catalyst to fit better with the flow and style of it’s sequel books.

        • clayanddust
        • Posted September 13, 2013 at 11:55 am
        • Permalink

        I’m wanting to re-write The Warrior too. Thinking about doing that for NaNo. Are you doing NaNo this year?

      • Yes, I’m using Catalyst re-write for that. Right now I’m out lining (shudders) so I can get everything lined up faster since my dad is taking up his book project again this fall, which means lots of ghost writing for me, so I may be working on two updrafts this year for NaNo instead of one first draft.

        • clayanddust
        • Posted September 13, 2013 at 1:41 pm
        • Permalink

        You crazy animal, you. Good luck!

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