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Human Trafficking


I don’t really have time at the moment to give this subject the write up it deserves, but here’s the highlights. I’m donating art to an event called “Arms of Faith Festival” in Columbus Ohio on the October 12th by Compassion to Act. (This CtoA link leads to the Ohio chapter here is the national page. CtoA  ) This watercolor was just finished this morning. Arms of faith is a family friendly event who’s goal is education about human trafficking in the United States, and fund raising for the rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked people. I will post more about this when I finish the next piece. Until then, here are some more links with information on human trafficking.

From the FBI 

The Polaris Project with an interactive and informative map of the US highlight human trafficking issues.




  1. LOVE this piece.

    • Thanks Dustin. The other piece for the Arms of Faith Fest is going to be an acrylic drip with black and white. I’m taking all my materials and going away with the fam to a cabin on a lake to paint it. Hopefully it will turn out like the picture in my head.

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