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A Guide to Evil Cats

When I started reading this at first I was indignant, because I’m a cat person…then I finished the list and most of my childhood came flooding back. I had to admit that yeah, this guide is useful. Plus there’s this puppy which is pure, undiluted comic gold, and anything that makes you laugh on the Internet is true. Trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you. Personal experience also counts for something and one of the best cats I ever lived with my room mate and I nick named Baby Eater. The next cat I adopted my hubz and I affectionately called  Satan Incarnate. Our current Manx cat (has a little bob tail instead of a regular tail) is a little more laid back. Yes he can be an ass hat, but he has never drawn blood so we just alternate between Bunny Butt and Fluffer Nuts for fun. We like to think he understands he is being insulted.



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