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I went to the library to pick up “The Scorpio Races”. I remember leaving the house but, everything after that is a blur of bright lights and unintelligible noise. As I sit here in my study now I see that “The Scorpio Races” is on my desk….so is “The Raven Boys”, “The Way of Kings”, “Out of Oz” and “Shadow and Bone”.


What have I done? Who’s hard cover interior panel did I caress? Do I need to be tested for paper cut Herpes? Why am I snorting the powdered remains from an empty tin of Irish Breakfast tea?


Somebody hold me.






  1. SO GLAD to hear you got the Scorpio Races. It is really and truly one of my most favorite books. And you’re a horse person, so it might be a winner for you as well. Also, The Way of Kings? Isn’t that the book you could drop on a person’s head and kill them with?

    • I can never pass up a good horse book. I’m a few chapters in now and loving it. Yes, The Way of Kings is a murder tool. Having a few short months ago finished reading the whole of The Wheel of Time series though not much can look intimidating.

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