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I’m not a doer.

Not deep down.

Sure flurries of activity will at times break forth like butterflies let out of a jar. I will lay my hands on something, and this, and that, and maybe those things over there, and they will be accomplished. Then I’m done. The bed was made and I walked by 8 other tasks that would have put the entire bedroom to sorts to wipe down the counter in the kitchen, left side of the stove only, then ignored the dishes, sweeping, cluttered table, and the school supplies sitting on the chair. Clearing the clutter on the desk upstairs was more urgent. That desk. The one I’m not even sitting at right now as I type this. I’m on the couch with my feet resting merrily in neon-orange socks on the half of the living-room floor I swept today. The t.v. side of the room did not receive any such attention.

Order is not a sharp-edged entity in my mind. Order looks like my mother. Order is a short brunette with smiling eyes and red fingernails. I imagine chaos is just shy of 6 feet with a grown out mo-hawk and most certainly has blue eyes.

I am an Ambler. I’m that person on the side of the road who isn’t in a hurry. Mostly likely I am slouching and laughing to myself at a joke I just remembered while the bloke next to me wonders if I’m losing it.

Amblers don’t do deadlines.

We do maybedates.

We don’t make goals.

We take mementos.

We don’t plan tomorrow.

We daydream about the day after that.

Doers write books. Amblers tell stories. Sometimes those are the same thing. Right now they are not. I’ve written lots of stories. On some maybeday I will have written a book. Have written. That’s what the past tense looks like that holds the agent query, the manuscript request, the agent signing, the editing, the publisher hunt, the book contract, the marketing campaign, and the publicity gauntlet that make up turning a Story into a Book.

There are many,many cons to not being a doer. Like arguing with your mother about what does and does not constitute a clean toilet bowl.

There are many, so many, pros to being an Ambler. I would itemize them but, I’d rather go make a strong cup of tea and write another story.


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