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Any guitar players out there? Any church worship team guitar players out there?

Today was an on the fly day. The kind of day where you wake up can’t find your capo and you end up feeling so sleep deprived that your first interaction with real people involve bad puns.

Worship teams are the worst sort of gig for my brain. I say that because of all my hobbies I would put guitar playing on the bottom of my “skillz conquered” list. I love it, I’m fairly decent at it, but it is very hard to fit time for it into my schedule. I also have never been able to memorize music. I think it’s linked pretty soundly to the fact I also really suck at learning other languages. My brain isn’t wired to remember stuff like that. It makes one of my favorite things – spontaneity – the thing I dread most when I play.

You know, that leading of the Spirit thing. That thing where the guest speaker does an alter call for prayer and the worship leader turns the closing song – suppose to be 90 seconds of music – into a mash up of three different songs we didn’t practice. In a key I have to re-tune my guitar for because it spent all of service with the capo on the 4th fret and is now sour.

I spent the next 5 or 10 minutes leaning dangerously over my music stand trying to look smooth so my awkward neck craning to see the electric guitarist chord changes wouldn’t make anyone think I was having a seizure. It might have sounded like I was anyway ’cause I know I missed a bunch of transitions in that first half.


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