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Art Periods : Mine Might be Menstrual

You know how Picasso had a blue period? I think my art is entering a new period. Instead of being driven by color or texture or movement though its only real common denominator seems to be the part where I roll the project up into a ball and set it on fire out of frustration.
I always thought the mode of operations was you had to suffer to truly create but, everything I’m creating is making me suffer. Possibly also making me want to create suffering. At the rate I’m going I may in fact burn my house down so I have a toasty back drop for summoning Cthulhu. The world ending in madness seems like my only logical option at this point for some mental R & R.


One Comment

  1. Don’t set fire to the tiger! Here, make a copy of it and set fire to that . You still get the freakish coping benefits of Destruction, and the tiger gets to live. Then try something like this: Paint + Music + Dancing = idontknowwhatbutitsgottabehappy, right?

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