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My last art post was pretty whiny. If you aren’t into that be prepared to leave.

This game is called “Spot What’s Wrong with the Picture!”

photo (11)


Did you spot it? Here let me help you with a closer image.


photo (14)


Do you see it now? The large dark streak meandering its Buddha fraking way across the entirety of the piece? I have a young child in the house. Sadly he is not responsible. Nor is the cat who IS responsible for a surprisingly large percentage of art mishaps in my house.

This is the direct result of my Brain forgetting how to Hand.

That’s right. You heard me. I was  sitting there coloring my merry way away when suddenly it was like my right hand had a small violent stroke and I fumbled the marker. My scrabbling for it only increased the damage level. Faber-Castell : + 5 Damage to mental stability, critical hit to all creations in play made of frickin’ PAPER.

I sat in shock and revulsion for a good 10 minutes unable to decide if I was going to burst into tears or start punching a wall. In the end I took a deep breath and went downstairs to watch some Olympic Super G while I gave my brain some time to process whether or not I was scrapping it entirely. I opted to finish and here you go. The tragic tale of a moron with a marker.



  1. Forgive me for laughing, but I’m only laughing at your telling of the story. I think anyone who has done art for very long has had a spastic moment. I’m know I have. Nice piece regardless.

    • Thanks Foresterartist. It certainly gave me a chance to laugh at myself too.

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