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Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,

But not my head, nor heart, nor worry

These are mine, I chase them daily.

Without them how could I  possibly know

If I am happy or if my stress will grow?

It is not an option to just give them up.

They are mine, my pursued stuff.


Now I lay me down to sleep,

But first a checklist I must keep.

Sunday service, tithe, small group study.

There, now I can be off and running.

It is hard to know which actions are right.

Just do them all, some will not be strikes.

The key is quantity, keep very busy.

Possible side effects read: Spiritually Dizzy.


I pray the Lord my soul to keep

Probably most days of the week.

I’ve got the rest; I can do this.

More caffeine, less sleep, more get-to-it-ness.

Be still and know, is so passe.

Forgotten mantra from long gone days.

The old testament is suggestion, right?

Or do I spend my days missing the point?


If I should die before I wake…would it matter?

Have I really done everything I can to know my Father?

Lord, if I should wake before I die

I pray my life you redefine.

Teach my heart to be still.

My mind that my daily and spiritual bread will be fulfilled.

Maybe the way isn’t to try harder.

What if the point is to listen longer?



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