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 Art Quicky

Here’s a snap shot of the watercolor and indian ink piece I did this past week. It’s up for auction at our church tonight to raise money for a youth trip to Guatemala. There was a pretty good range of art styles donated by other people too. Below is a description for the meaning behind the colors and shapes.

The cross is filled with a wash of blue, the free flowing of the Holy Spirit. The edging in silver, pure and dross-less, a crucible of the Christ after whom we mold our lives. The fractured lines and angles are life. No matter how shattered we think ourselves, our situation, or our society all can choose salvation. The cross points are thorns; a reminder that however gilded we make it in the freedom with which is is granted our salvation came with a price paid in suffering. The base beam is twining roots, a deep-set promise of new things, of life, and growth in Christ. The 12 green shards are the 12 apostles. The men with whom Jesus began planting the first seeds of his earthly ministry. The red stains in the bottom corners flow against gravity to the cross. There is no sin, no death, no corner of earth or hell to insurmountable for the power and grace of Christ to overcome. The background of light is the promise of things yet hoped for – both the light of our faith to the world and the final goal; heaven waiting for the weary believer.


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